Water Line Locator Sydney: How to Ensure Accuracy

A water line locator service can help builders and contractors avoid mess and flooding during excavation. This will also help utility companies in preparing the site and placing new service routes. They will be certain that they are digging in the right place.

Water pipe repairs can also be very expensive especially when you hit the main line. This also results to workflow disruption because of the water coming out. The delays can last for days which can add further to the costs.

Importance of accuracy

That’s why builders and contractors need updated information about the location of water pipes and utility lines. Old documents and markings are not enough in accurately locating the pipes. The information should only be acquired recently to ensure accuracy.

To ensure accurate information, contractors and builders hire certified Service Locators for the task. These professionals use electromagnetic methods and other means in locating the water lines. They also work quickly so construction and excavation can proceed as soon as possible.

Eliminating the risks

What happens when your crew hits the water pipe? The water might be released at high pressure, which can endanger your workers. In addition, the high water pressure might damage the surrounding areas including infrastructures and other service lines.

Certified service locators eliminate those risks by providing an accurate map of the water pipes. Even without the initial digging, professionals can locate those water lines. This is valuable when planning any excavation activity.

Preventing legal issues

Damaging the water pipes may lead to time-consuming and costly legal consequences. In addition, complaints from the community are also likely. The contractor’s’ reputation will also suffer as a result.

To avoid all these, it’s recommended to take the precautions early on. After all, a water line locator service is fast and reasonably priced. Within 24 hours, professionals will arrive on site.

Water line locator service Sydney

Underground locating of water lines helps contractors save time, eliminate risks and avoid legal issues. That’s why accurate utility maps are valuable to builders, contractors, engineers and the whole crew.

If you need a fast and accurate water line location service, call us today at 1300 530 420.

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