Utility Marking Sydney: How to Ensure Safety During Digging

An accurate utility marking helps the crew stay safe during digging or massive excavation. This will allow them to work around the utility lines thereby minimising safety risks during any excavation or construction activity.

For instance, accidentally damaging the power lines can lead to injuries and fatalities. It’s also the case with hitting the water pipes during digging. Water might be suddenly released at high pressure. As a result, the water might hit people and surrounding structures.

How professionals detect utility lines

Accuracy is important here because everyone’s safety is at stake. That’s why professional utility locators often use advanced techniques for the task. For example, locators might use electromagnetic equipment (which works well in both wet and dry soil). They might also use radar technology to verify their findings.

What about water pipes? The electromagnetic method might not work well in detecting non-metallic piping. That’s why professionals use complementary technologies (such as Ground Penetrating Radar) to ensure accuracy.

Result of accurate utility markings

Smart digging is often a result of accurate information and proper planning. Professional utility locators are equipped to accomplish this task.

Historical records and existing markings might not suffice in ensuring everyone’s safety. After all, the records might be outdated. In addition, the existing markings might not be accurate at all. The pipes and cables underneath might have moved due to recent construction activities or natural causes.

What you need is the most recent information you can rely on. A professional and timely utility location service can help you ensure smart digging and everyone’s safety. Moreover, this will also help speed up the project because your crew will know how to work around the existing utility lines.

Utility marking Sydney

That’s why here at One Search Locators, we prioritise accuracy and timeliness. We arrive on site within 24 hours so you can start digging as soon as possible. We also use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accuracy.

Contact us today and our certified Service Locators will gladly assist you.

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