Utility Locator Melbourne: Avoiding Fines & Dangers

Why should a utility locator inspect the site before commencing any excavation or construction? There are different reasons and they all relate to time, money and safety. Here’s how a utility location service can help:

  • Pinpoint location of utility lines for accurate planning
  • Prevent workflow disruptions (work around the utility lines)
  • Avoid penalties and repair costs
  • Ensure safety of crew and neighbourhood/community

These reasons guide the successful commencement and completion of a site project. For instance, accidentally damaging a utility line can lead to legal issues and delays.

Detection of underground electrical and telecom lines

Many electrical and telecom lines now are buried underground for functional and aesthetic purposes. This is especially the case in dense communities and commercial areas.

There might be records and markings to indicate the position of those lines. However, their locations might have shifted slightly due to erosion and other factors. In addition, the markings and records might be misinterpreted or outdated. These won’t be useful for planning.

As a result, many companies now require an accurate utility location service. This way, they would not be accidentally damaging the transmission lines. This will result to fewer risks both to the crew and community.

Accurate locating of underground pipes and sewer lines

It’s true that electrical lines present more dangers than water and sewer lines. However, the level of disruption might be the same. Furthermore, it will also result to delays, repair costs and legal repercussions.

Professional utility locators use modern methods to locate underground pipes and sewer lines. One reason is that pipes and lines can be made from different materials. Professionals can use specialised methods for each purpose.

Utility locator Melbourne

The goal of utility location is to help in planning when a new infrastructure is to be built or when an excavation is about to commence. Having accurate information about the location of utility lines will help in completing the project with minimal delays and costs.

If you’re about to start a construction or excavation project, utility mapping can help you minimise risks when the site work commences. If you need professional assistance with this, contact us at One Search Locators and then we’ll work with you according to your requirements.

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