Underground Wire Locator: Detect Electrical Lines & Cables

An underground wire locator assists in the safe placement of new infrastructure or safe excavation in a certain parcel of land. This is important in accurate planning and ensuring safety within the site and the surrounding areas.

Site inspections are often performed before a construction or excavation activity begins (especially in NSW urban areas). Professionals determine and document what and where are the existing infrastructure both on the surface and underground of the site. Accurate and updated information about these will assist project owners on the planning.

Possible risks and hazards during construction and excavation

During the planning stage, project managers and engineers identify the possible risks and hazards. This is important in minimising workflow disruptions, avoiding expensive repairs, complying with council and national requirements and ensuring the safety of the community.

For instance, when a major transmission line is damaged as a result of reckless digging, this could result to a major delay in the project (or even permanent suspension). The project owner might also be required to answer the repair costs.

In addition (and more important), the crew and the community will be exposed to safety risks. Possible electrocution through direct or indirect contact with the major transmission line is fatal.

The need for accurate and updated information

That is why many companies now in Sydney, Melbourne and other areas search for an underground wire locator. This is to minimise the risks and hazards for both the crew and the community. It is also a practical way to ensure successful project completion.

Existing records and markings might not suffice in locating buried electrical lines. The locations of those lines might have changed due to natural reasons or recent construction activities. For these cases, what project managers and engineers need is the most recent information.

Underground wire locator Sydney

At One Search Locators, we provide the most recent information regarding the location of electrical power lines and other utilities.

We use modern methods to ensure accuracy. We also provide fixed rates and we can arrive at the site within 24 hours upon your confirmation.

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