Underground Surveying Sydney: First Step in Ensuring Safety

For some people, underground surveying might mean locating the underground utility lines before beginning any excavation or construction activity. It’s often the first step that aids in accurate planning done by project managers and engineers.

But why is an accurate utility map critical for many excavation and construction projects (even in minor ones)? One main reason is safety. Blind digging can result to injuries and even fatalities. Another reason is preventing interruptions to the community. Accidentally hitting just one cable might lead to electrical service interruption of a thousand homes and businesses.

A guide in safe and precise planning

Aside from safety and prevention of interruption, utility maps also help construction firms lay out a safe and accurate plan. The project managers and crew can then work around those utilities. This will result to fewer delays and faster progress of the project.

What happens if there are no accurate utility maps available? During digging, a crew member might accidentally hit something that looks like just a rubble. But upon closer inspection, it’s actually an electrical cable.

As a result, the engineer might then need to revise the plan so that the crew can work around the utilities. Even after drafting a new plan, the same instance might happen again after the digging resumes. That’s why engineers value a utility map because it will help them in planning.

Avoid unnecessary work

A few companies might install additional utility lines underground. Or perhaps they need to perform inspections and repair something on the line. They need to do it quickly so there will be minimal interruptions to the community.

This is especially the case with water pipes and sewer lines. However, they’re buried underground which makes it difficult to accurately locate them. This then leads to more digging in locating the target pipes.

But with an accurate and updated utility map, the crew can dig at the right location. Professionals can also use a mobile camera to figure out leaks and warping in pipes (without much digging). The utility company can then perform quick repairs or maintenance once the issue is determined.

Underground surveying Sydney

Here at One Search Locators, we specialise in providing accurate and recent information regarding the location of all utilities underground. We also perform a quick (and yet accurate) evaluation so your crew can quickly proceed with the project.

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