Underground Service Locators Sydney: Safeguard Your Project from Risks and Hazards

Professional underground service locators help minimise the risks and hazards for excavation and construction projects. Utility service mapping is a small and yet an essential step in ensuring the success of a project.

Determining the exact location of underground utilities helps in:

  • More accurate planning and designing around utility lines
  • Avoiding hazards (especially from sewer lines)
  • Cost savings because damage to utility lines are prevented

That’s why many project managers in Sydney prioritise accuracy when it comes to locating utilities. In addition, they prevent the risks and hazards to workers and the locality.

What happens during utility mapping?

Utility mapping and service avoidance is a straightforward process. Professionals build a complete picture of the underground infrastructure. This way, workers can avoid the buried lines and other possible obstructions.

Utility mapping can include accurately locating the:

  • Water and gas pipes
  • Electrical, cable and phone lines
  • Sewer lines and storm water drains

Any project manager should accurately determine the location of these pipes and lines before the actual planning, excavating or building. Any error with the mapping can result to costly (or even catastrophic) problems.

Safe placement of new infrastructure

New construction projects often require working around or with the existing infrastructure. Aside from being a legal requirement, the safety of workers and preventing disruptions to the locality are also priorities.

That’s why professional underground service locators use advanced techniques and tools to perform the job. The goal is to deliver an accurate picture of where exactly the utility lines are located.

Underground service locators Sydney

At One Search Locators, we prioritise accuracy and safety during each utility mapping project. We also adhere to strict ethical standards, which is why many companies choose us.

If you need accurate and reliable utility mapping services, you can contact us today.

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