Underground Locating Services for Construction Projects: Reduce the Risks

Underground locating services are essential to minimising the risks during excavation and actual construction. These types of services also effectively help in the planning of many construction projects.

Why is it important to accurately locate the utility lines before you start building? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Avoid damaging the utility lines
  • Prevent costly problems because of the damages to utilities
  • Prevent legal disputes later on
  • Avoid workflow disruptions

These reasons are in the top of the mind of every experienced project manager and owner. That’s because any problem encountered because of incorrect utility mapping can lead to delays and extra costs.

Responsible utility mapping

Accurately mapping the utility lines also prevents service disruptions and hassles to the locality. Imagine the water pipes being accidentally damaged because of your workers’ operations. There will be a water service disruption nearby because of the damage.

It can easily be avoided by accurate utility mapping. It’s a great way to show responsibility and prevent any problems to the locality.

Improved safety to workers

Sewer lines are also likely present in many project sites. These lines should be accurately located before commencing any excavation or construction activity.

This way, workers won’t be exposed to sewage during the project. They will avoid the sewer lines and take extra precautions when working near those lines.

As a result, workers will experience improved safety. There will be fewer work disruptions and you also care for your workers’ health and welfare.

Accurate underground locating services

Accuracy is a requirement especially when planning an excavation or construction project. With an accurate underground utility locating services, you reduce the risks and promote worker safety.

That’s why at One Search Locators, our experienced team provides accurate utility mapping services. You can contact us today and we’ll send you a free quote for your project.

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