Underground Camera Inspection of Sewer and Drains

Underground camera inspection of sewer and drains is a much more cost-effective and faster way to diagnose problems for repairs and replacements. This inspection allows professionals to determine which pipes have damages or blockages even in areas which are difficult to access.

For example, the mobile camera technology can pinpoint damages beyond junctions and bends. This is impossible with conventional methods that require partial demolition of the site (and rebuilding thereafter).

Proactive approach in drain maintenance

Whether it’s an annual or a requested inspection, underground camera inspection is a proactive approach in determining potential problems in the sewer and drain pipes. Flooding and costly damages will be prevented. In addition, proactive maintenance leads to a better functioning community.

That’s why many companies request us here at One Search Locators to perform a sub-surface inspection of the complex sewer and drain systems. It’s a huge and challenging task. But it’s crucial to the satisfaction of the community and prevention of costly problems both in the short- and long-term.

Our professionals use an advanced mobile camera technology that can provide real-time visual data of the conditions of pipes. If there are problems, we can determine which parts need to be replaced or repaired to strengthen the sub-surface infrastructure.

Addressing potential problems early on

Potential problems underground include collapsed or choked pipes that block the flow of water. This occurs because tree roots or debris might have fallen and caused the pipe to close down. It’s important to exactly determine where this type of problem is so it can be immediately repaired.

Our professionals can then also help determine the depth, length and type of pipe. This is valuable information in planning a replacement or repair. This is also valuable in speeding up the process of drain system improvement.

Underground camera inspection of sewer and drains Sydney

Here at One Search Locators, we use an advanced mobile camera technology that allows us to see even beyond pipe junctions and bends. Our CCTV equipment can track and record all sub-surface infrastructures. This is valuable in planning a repair, replacement or maintenance on the complex network of drain and sewer pipes.

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