Topographical Survey Tips for Landowners

A topographical survey is one that is done to represent the dimensions of a parcel as well as the three-dimensional details on the surface of the land. This includes the contours and any buildings that may be present upon the parcel. Topographical surveys can be done in a number of different ways but more and more as time goes by, technologically advanced methods of conducting this type of survey win out over traditional methods. Here are some quick tips for Topographical Survey Tips for Landowners:

Tip 1: Put Your Specifications in Writing

If you need a topographical survey for a particular reason, then the best thing is to bring this to the attention of the surveyor. An as-built topographical survey, for example, will focus more upon the current existing structures on the parcel instead of things like the vegetation across it. Defining what you need and putting it down in writing allows you to better utilize your surveyor’s skills. It may also mean that you pay less at the end of the job since less points are needed for some topographical maps.

Tip 2: Embrace Technology

Smaller survey areas can benefit from automatic robotic equipment since this type of equipment only needs one person to run it. The way this equipment works is by locking on to the moving prism and generating points based on its location as the person holding the prism moves. Alternatively, larger jobs may utility GNSS (GPS) Real Time Kinematics (RTK) survey equipment. Basically this does the same thing as the robotic equipment but does not require a line of site, but instead triangulated positions based on a GPS receiver and one or more base-stations for increased accuracy.

Time is Money

In all types of engineering and development works, the amount of time spent on the field must translate into value for the project or else it’s simply wasted time. Technological methods of surveying can cut down the amount of time spent in the field while still guaranteeing a high quality of results which can then be used for map generation. One Search Locators are trained in the use of these mapping methods. If you have a topographical survey that needs to be done, contact them now for more details.

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