The Role of Vacuum Excavation in Quality Level A Subsurface Utility Locating

The Role of Vacuum Excavation in Quality Level A Subsurface Utility Locating

Construction projects that involve breaking ground or may impact any subsurface utilities require utility locating to Quality Level A, as per AS-5488 standard. This ensures the safety of workers & prevents damage to services during construction. On that, the locating process involves different steps from calling Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) to hiring vacuum excavation companies or service locators offering vacuum excavation. In this post, we will discuss the said steps with a focus on vacuum excavation.

The Steps

Calling Dial Before You Dig (DBYD)

To start the process, we need to contact Dial Before You Dig (DBYD). Clients & locators must always make sure to do this as the very first step in any excavation project. The same goes for construction projects involving breaking ground. Typically, clients perform this step since they know the site very well. Still, as our team offers total service locating solutions, we can also do this on behalf of our clients.

DBYD acts as the link between us & underground asset owners. Upon receiving an enquiry, DBYD contacts the relevant asset owners. Afterwards, the owners themselves respond to the enquiry by sending their asset plans. These plans state the types of assets present within the vicinity of the project area. However, these do not pinpoint their exact location which leads us to the next step.

Locating Subsurface Utilities to Quality Level B Standard

We achieve subsurface utility locating to Quality Level B standard by determining the horizontal positions of utilities accurately. We do this through electronic service locating by using different methods & equipment. These can vary from ground penetrating radar (GPR) to radio detection to CCTV. To determine the right method & equipment, we refer to the DBYD plans & conduct site evaluation.

Confirming Utility Locations Using Vacuum Excavation

The last step in achieving Quality Level A subsurface utility locating is to visually confirm the horizontal & vertical position of utilities. Other than this, service locators like us also specify the type, condition, dimensions & material of utilities in Quality Level A service locating. To achieve all of these, we make use of vacuum excavation.

Vacuum excavation removes dry or wet material underground like soil. It is also called non-destructive digging or hydro excavation. Sydney vacuum excavation companies or service locators like us use highly-pressurised water along with an air vacuum to do the job. First, we apply the water to dig the soil. Second, the air vacuum sucks the material out to transfer it to a debris tank. This exposes the subsurface utilities which allows us to confirm the horizontal & vertical positions of utilities along with their characteristics as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Vacuum Excavation Beyond Utility Locating

Other than serving as the final step in Quality Level A subsurface utility locating, clients also hire vacuum excavation companies like us for other purposes. These include removing sewer blockages, slurry & building site waste.

Total Service Locating Solutions by One Search Locators

With the presence of countless vacuum excavation companies or vacuum excavation contractors, Sydney clients, among others, may find it difficult to choose the right one. Here at One Search Locators, we guarantee the highest quality of work. And by providing total service locating solutions, not only can our team assist you with ANY vacuum excavation needs but also with ALL of your service locating requirements. Contact us via 1300 530 420 or email [email protected] to get a free quote.

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