Prior to any excavation or construction work, we highly recommend that services are located to Quality Level A, as per AS-5488 standard.

We provide hydro vacuum excavation or non-destructive digging services for the fast and effective removal of all types of wet and dry waste on site. Vacuum Excavation reduces risks and costs that are brought about by traditional digging methods. Highly pressurised water is used, along with an air vacuum to complete the hydro excavation system. The water is highly pressurised to dig the soil and the air vacuum transfers the soil to a debris tank. Our experienced technicians can quickly and efficiently remove large volumes of waste, remove sewer blockages, slurry and building site waste, even in areas which are difficult to access.

We will coordinate and liaise with various asset owners such as High-Pressure Gas Spotters and Transmission Spotters on your behalf during the vacuum excavation process.