drainage & inspection

pipe locating services newcastle

Pipe Cleaning
One Search Locators is also able to clean blocked pipe
networks in order to be able to use make appropriate
decisions if the existing drainage is able to be used or
replaced. Once the pipe is cleaned out, a CCTV unit can be
deployed in order to have a good indication of the pipe

The pipe jetting trucks utilized for these works are also used
in order to complete CCTV applications if blockages are
encountered. This enables an efficient and effective result
when undertaking pipe investigation works.

One Search Locators also has the ability to remove blockages
such as tree roots. We utilize a tree root cutting tool in order to
clear the blockage and then use the jetter truck to clean the
pipe out of the blockages.

Pipe Repair
In the even that the pipe work is damaged, One Search is able
to undertake non excavation pipe repairs.

This involves fiberglass patch that is inserted into the pipe and
the pipe is repaired without costly excavation works. The pipe
patching comes with a guarantee on the repair and can be a
cost effective method of moving forward on your project.

One Search Locators is able to undertake a number a various
methodologies to satisfy clients needs and we are able to
utilise all available resources to adapt to requirements within
all projects.