concrete scanning services

Similar to a Ground Penetrating Radar, a concrete scanner is able to detect slab thickness, reinforcement and other anomalies within a concrete slab or wall. A concrete scanner uses a higher frequency so while it doesn’t get the depth reading of a Ground Penetrating Radar, it is a higher definition.

When concrete scanning, One Search Locators uses a grid system in order to map out the area requested by the client. It is used in conjunction with other utility locating equipment in order to detect services within or just below the slab. The results are then provided to the client within a Concrete Scanning Report and the technician also explains the finding to the client in a professional manor.

Benefits of concrete scanning include:

  • Fast accurate locating and mapping
  • An up to date record of underground features/objects within your site
  • Reduced risks
  • A non-destructive method which further reduces damages