Structural and Concrete Scanning

One Search Locators offer a solution, also known as a concrete scanning to see what’s contained within solid surfaces including concrete and walls.

With a concrete scan there is no need to tear down or dig through surfaces to see what’s within their structure. We offer a concrete x-ray also known as scanning which is non-destructive and quickly and accurately identifies any features and objects inside.

Scanning is used to highlight concealed objects, reinforcement steal and other services. It is crucial to know this information before you begin excavation, drilling or cutting to be able to prevent hazards or costly problems.

We can help you gain full visibility of your site so that you can prevent risk and protect valuable infrastructure.

Other benefits of concrete scanning include:

  • Fast accurate locating and mapping
  • An up to date record of underground features/objects within your site
  • Reduced risks
  • A non-destructive method which further reduces damages

You can trust us to deliver reliable, valuable information enabling you to better manage your site.

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