CCTV Inspection Services

One Search Locators provide CCTV Inspection services to identify all types of pipes, sewer lines, drains, and underground conduits. Our advanced mobile camera technology enables us to determine the condition of sewer runs, collect visual data from impossible to see areas such as boreholes and wells.

Our CCTV equiptment can be tracked and record exact locations and conditions of:

  • All sub-surface infrastructure
  • Pipes which have damages or blockages
  • The shape and layout including junctions and bends

Knowing this high level of information allows you to identify a potential problem, confirm the depth, length and type of pipe and be aware of other materials which may need to be removed or used in the improvement process.

Blocked or damaged pipes can be caused by a number of factors such as a choked sewer line from tree roots or debris blocking the flow of water. Our camera equipment will pin point the problem quickly and provide an exact location for repair.

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