Service Location is Saving Money and Saving Lives on the Work Site

Each work site comes with its own unique challenges. There are multiple drafts and plans to consult, engineers to coordinate with, different operators working with very intrusive and destructive machinery, and a deadline on top of it all. This, coupled with a tight budget, can add stress to any site. That stress can lead to some very nasty disasters on the site. Disasters that cost time and money or maybe even a life.

So how does a construction site prevent those types of disasters with all the pressure bearing down on them? They use service location providers. With a more complete picture of the types of hazards and dangers underneath the ground, the site can operate safely and efficiently and complete the job without any black marks.

Recently, SafeWork released their plan to reduce the number of NSW workplace injuries because the number was too high. Proper hazard identification and detection is high that priority because of the number of injuries that it alone can prevent.

How does Service Location and Detection Work?

Construction crews can hire a variety of services to identify the potential hazards in their workplace. Depending on their job, they can hire services such as vacuum excavation to remove debris and keep the workplace clean. They can hire CCTV inspections to see in blocked pipes and under the sub-structures of building to identify flaws, faults, and blockages. They can hire service avoidance services that highlight the pipes and lines in the vicinity of the job site. Knowing about the hazards is one thing; planning around them to create a safer site is the goal.

As mentioned in the SafeWork release, the cost of workplace injuries to society is a staggering with compensation claims totalling $49 million just a couple years ago. That number doesn’t even account for the lost time in hours and wages to repair damaged lines or pipes. It certainly doesn’t account for the cost of losing a life due to improper service detection.

To get the best and most efficient job site, it’s crucial to have a working knowledge of the hazards below the ground. One Search Locators is a Sydney based company that offers these services because they believe in a safe work site. Identifying services and locating problems helps everybody do their jobs in a safe and sustainable way. Call today to avail these services to keep your site safe and secure.

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