Service Avoidance Providers Could Save a Life

For years, it’s been drilled into the public’s mind to be mindful of wires and pipes before doing any major work in the yard. It’s called Dial Before your Dig, and it’s a worthy service for residential remodels. The trouble is that those who work in the commercial and industrial construction business sometimes think that this rule doesn’t apply to them. This can’t be further from the truth. Service avoidance is a major contributor to having a safe and healthy work site.

Why Use Service Avoidance?

The underground around Sydney is absolutely littered with different services to the homes and businesses here. There are wastewater pipes, electrical conduits, phone lines, and much more insidious dangers to anyone who would need excavation. Gas lines have the potential to explode if disturbed during excavation. Electrical mains hold dangerous amounts of electricity that could too easily kill someone without the proper avoidance tactics. Water mains, if they represent no immediate threat to the site, could cause disruption to the surrounding area if burst during excavations.

What Is Service Avoidance?

This location service keeps those harmful underground dangers safe, and it alerts everyone on the site where those hazards are located. More than anything, it reinforces the idea that unsupervised and unplanned excavations, even in remote locations, still present a valid threat to the workers who are performing the dig.

Service avoidance does more than benefit the construction industry. It also benefits the planning and designers who bring concepts to life. With a good working knowledge of where the services are located, they can accurately provide quality drawing and clear direction on the site for where everything is to go.

Saving Lives and Saving Money

It’s simply too dangerous to consider losing a life due to bad planning and improper excavation. It’s extremely simple to secure the service plans so that everyone knows just where those dangers lie. This avoidance plan also benefits the bottom line of a business. Accidents and ruptured services can be extremely costly to repair. A burst pipe or struck service could quickly wipe out the profit margin on any size project.

To save lives and save money on your site, it’s best to call One Search Locators. They are Sydney’s premier service avoidance providers. One call today could save the site from having a very bad day tomorrow.

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