The Recommended Way in Finding Subsurface Utilities

Accurately finding subsurface utilities is important before commencing construction or excavation. Failure to do this can lead to delays, higher costs, inconvenience to the community and legal repercussions.

That’s why project managers and engineers are careful when it comes to choosing an underground locating service company. This way, they can ensure the safety of the crew during digging (and even speed up the progress of the project).

Complexity of underground utilities

In modern urban areas such as Sydney and Melbourne, the network of utilities underground is intricate and complex. With thousands of homes and businesses, the one thing that connects them all together is the different utilities (water, electrical, sewer, gas, telecommunications).

As a result, locating the utilities underground has also become complex. It now requires specialised equipment and expertise for the task to be successful. For instance, professionals use electromagnetic equipment for detection of electrical power lines. Locating water pipes might require a combination of electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar methods for best results.

Historical records are not enough

Old and outdated records can be as dangerous as having no records at all. That’s because some of the utility lines and pipes might have already moved (or some were added recently). The changes might be caused by natural (e.g. erosion, slight shifts) or man-made (recent projects). This is especially the case with telecommunication and electrical cables because these can be easily moved.

That’s why there’s a need for real-time detection and the most recent information. This way, you and your crew will avoid the dangers of blind digging. Safety precautions should still be in place. But the progress will be a lot faster than digging without the most recent data.

Finding subsurface utilities in Sydney and Melbourne

Here at One Search Locators, our professionals can provide the most accurate and recent information for construction firms to use.

Our locators often use a combination of modern technologies to quickly and accurately locate subsurface utilities. Contact us today if you require a professional service.

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