Non Destructive Excavation: The Need for Safe and Fast Solutions

Non destructive excavation is important to many construction projects. It eliminates some of the risks by removing the wet and dry waste on the site. Without the waste, there will be much less environmental risks to the workers when the actual construction commences.

One cost-effective method of non destructive digging is hydro vacuum excavation. Aside from cost savings, there are other benefits that make it the preferred choice for many construction projects. We’ll discuss that later but first, let’s talk about hydro vacuum excavation.

What is hydro vacuum excavation?

It’s an effective and fast way to remove large volumes of waste from difficult-to-access areas. The equipment used can remove slurry, storm water, sludge, sewer blockages and other types of waste.

Because of its non-destructive nature, the removal of those dry and wet wastes can be accomplished without hitting any underground utility lines. This results to savings on costs and prevents costly problems later on.

Hydro vacuum excavation works by using high-pressure water to loosen the debris and other materials. Then, the wastes go up through the vacuum (hence the name) and stored in a tank for later disposal.

Minimal exposure to possible environmental hazards

Because of this technology, hydro excavation can minimise the workers’ exposure to possible environmental hazards. The wastes underground will be effectively removed without resorting to destructive modes of digging.

Worker safety is becoming a priority. Aside from the possible liabilities, human health is of utmost importance. In addition, the people living near the site should not be exposed to dangers because of a construction project.

Reduce the risk through non destructive excavation

Non-invasive and non-destructive methods of removing the waste are becoming important to many projects. That’s because they present cost-effectiveness and increased safety to workers.

If you need hydro vacuum excavation services for your site, our experienced technicians can quickly and efficiently remove large volumes of waste. Contact us today and send us an enquiry.

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