Why Non Destructive Digging for Huge Projects is Important

Non destructive digging makes it possible to minimise damages to utilities when removing wet and dry waste underground. Many construction firms have already taken advantage of this method to reduce damage and make faster progress.

Specifically, hydro vacuum excavation (a form of non destructive digging) makes use of high pressure water to loosen up the debris underground. Then, the vacuum sucks the underground wastes and stored in tank (for later disposal).

Faster and safer than other heavy equipment

Removal and transport of dry and wet waste can be time consuming and hazardous. The waste could consist of substances harmful to the workers and surrounding communities. In addition, using conventional excavators could be time consuming. This in turn slows down the progress of the project.

On the other hand, hydrovac excavation is faster than traditional excavation. The removal is faster because of the fast suction. Transport is not a problem because the waste goes directly inside the tank which can be later disposed.

Hydrovac excavation is also said to be safer because there’s less exposure to potentially harmful substances underground. Both the dry and wet waste are stored directly in the tank. Moreover, the faster and straightforward process allows for fewer risks.

Before construction, placement of new utilities

The minimal physical contact made possible by non destructive digging makes removal of dirt near utility lines much easier. There will be zero or minimal damages once the excavation ends. This is important before construction activities and placement of new utilities.

One time-consuming aspect of any project is site preparation and repair of any damages during that process. Demolitions and damages are fast and easy. However, the repair and rebuilding required will take much time and expenses.

Non-destructive excavation makes repair and rebuilding minimal. As a non-destructive method, site preparation could be much faster and the resulting repairs will be very minimal compared to traditional excavation methods.

Non destructive digging Sydney

Digging is said to be destructive no matter how you look at it. You need to break up the surface and get the dirt under. With hydrovac excavation, the destruction is minimal which results to lower rebuilding costs later.

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