Need Underground Pipe Location Services? Here’s What You Need to Know

Underground pipe location services help in minimising workflow disruption and costly repairs. Specialised equipment can accurately point the location of gas pipes and water pipes.

What is the purpose of underground pipe location?

During an excavation, usually there are buried utility lines under the ground. If you know where are those before the actual excavation, you can safely avoid those underground pipes and prevent damages to existing infrastructure.

Knowledge of the location of gas pipes and water pipes will also help in safe placement of new utility lines. You can safely avoid the obstructions and encounter fewer hassles during the project.

How does it work?

Professionals use specialised equipment when locating underground pipes. Aside from water and gas pipes, they can also map other utilities. They are also able to determine the location of electrical and telecom lines, sewer lines, storage tanks and storm water drains.

Underground infrastructure can be complicated especially in urban areas. You can find a complex network of different utility services. That’s why it’s recommended to hire professionals to perform the utility mapping. They use specialised equipment and have extensive knowledge about the field.

What are the benefits of locating pipes underground?

First, it can actually help speed up a commercial project. How? Utility mapping can help you accomplish this by preventing problems.

Excavation and construction delays often result from mistakes in the planning and preparation stage. For the first hour or day there seems to be no problem. However, workers can suddenly encounter an obstruction. Worse is the existing infrastructure gets damaged as a result.

Delays will occur and many projects often will then require costly repairs. Project managers and engineers will also need to plan again and work around the obstruction. This can take additional weeks and months before the actual excavation and construction will commence.

But with professional underground pipe location services, you can avoid the problems firsthand. You can prevent costly repairs and work disruption. This results to meeting the deadlines and speeding up the project.

As mentioned earlier, determining the accurate location of underground pipes can prevent costly repairs. This will prevent overspending on many parties involved with the project. This will also help ensure that the coordination and workflow is smooth and according to the timeline.

Utility Mapping Services for your next commercial project

That’s why at One Search Locators, we help engineers and project managers adhere to their project timelines by providing accurate and fast utility mapping services.

Call us now at 1300 530 420 and we will provide a free estimate according to the needs and specifications of your project.

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