Mapping Underground Utilities: How to Speed Up Your Project

Mapping underground utilities can speed up the progress of your construction or excavation project. Your team will not waste precious time in slow and careful digging. The utility maps will be there to guide you in the continuous progress of your project.

In addition to saving time directly, you will also prevent delays. Your team will avoid damaging or tampering the buried power lines. This results to faster progress of your construction or excavation activities.

Service avoidance or re-routing of lines

Deliberate avoidance of service routes firsthand leads to smooth workflow. The crew can proceed with their tasks without worries about hitting any service lines. This is especially important in large scale excavation. Powerful machineries might heavily damage the utility lines if there are no updated utility maps available.

In many construction and excavation projects, some of the utility lines might be re-routed or placed in a different location. Some of those utility lines might be old and not useful anymore. They might be removed before excavation. For utility companies, they can replace those old utility lines with new ones.

How professionals detect power lines

Service locators use an electromagnetic equipment to detect signals from beneath the ground. This equipment works well in both dry and wet soil. This means the service locators can detect the power lines anytime no matter the season.

For other utilities such as water pipes, service locators can use a combination of methods to verify and validate their findings. They could use either the electromagnetic method or ground penetrating radar (GPR) or both to locate water pipes.

About topographic survey and laser scanning

Many builders and contractors in Sydney and Melbourne also request for additional services. For instance, topographic surveys and laser scanning provide information about the contours and buildings present in the project site.

Both utility mapping and topographic surveying help engineers and developers in proper planning and identifying possible risks and hazards. These provide an almost complete picture of the work area. These also aid in the continuous progress of the project.

Mapping underground utilities Sydney and Melbourne

Having an accurate utility map before planning is valuable in achieving a smooth workflow. The workers will also remain safe and proceed with their tasks as planned.

If you need a fast and accurate utility map to help you in your project, contact us today at One Search Locators. Our certified Service Locators arrive on site within 24 hours upon your request.

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