Map Utility Lines: Cost & Safety Benefits to Builders

Why do builders and developers map utility lines? One main reason is to ensure worker safety during ground breaking or digging. Avoidance or re-routing of lines will be done once the utilities are located. As a result, the crew will be able to work safely.

The dangers of NOT having an accurate utility map

The buried utilities might include all the following:

  • Gas pipes
  • Sewer lines
  • Telecommunications lines
  • Drain systems
  • Cables
  • Electrical lines

These utilities pose risks to workers and the public. For instance, a worker accidentally hitting an electrical line while digging can lead to a serious injury. Burns, disabilities and even fatalities are possible if there are no accurate utility maps to guide the workers.

Aside from worker safety, the general public is also at risk. Damage to sewer lines can expose the public and the environment to the harmful and untreated waste. Electrical line damages (especially main transmission lines) also present risks and hazards to the surrounding communities.

The damages can result to loss of life, injuries and legal ramifications. These can all lead to a temporary (or even total) halt of the project. In addition, the building company’s reputation will also suffer.

Cost and safety benefits

Accurately determining the positions of the buried utilities lead to cost and safety benefits. The workers will be able to take precautions while performing any excavation activity. They will remain safe and continue on progressing with their tasks.

Accurate utility mapping also results to cost savings. Builders and contractors will avoid damaging the buried utilities. They will be able to prevent paying fines for the community and local authority.

Furthermore, there will be minimal delays on the project’s progress. Delays often result to additional costs. Without those delays, the contractors will realise cost savings during and after the project.

Map utility lines Sydney

Aside from cost and safety, utility mapping is also important for compliance with the local authorities. Regulations and high standards are in place to protect the workers and the public.

That’s why at One Search Locators, we prioritise accuracy when it comes to locating buried utility lines. Contact us today and our certified Service Locators will arrive on site within 24 hours.

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