How Important is Underground Mapping Before Excavation?

Accurate underground mapping before excavation is important for better safety and faster work progress. The crew can avoid hitting water and power lines when digging. This also leads to faster work progress because there will be fewer delays.

Importance of on-site inspection

Underground blueprints and historical records are not enough to ensure safe digging. After all, utility lines might have shifted due to man-made or natural means. The water line and power lines might have their locations changed. In addition, there might be new telephone cables underground.

That’s why an on-site inspection is still important. Professional utility locators can do underground camera inspection, concrete scanning and electromagnetic detection to search for existing utility lines. They can then create a complete underground map which engineers and crew can use before and while digging.

Safer working environment, faster progress

Once there’s an updated and accurate underground map, engineers can adjust the layout plan for construction or excavation. Even before the planning, the underground map is a valuable reference for working around obstructions.

This results to a safer working environment for everyone. It prevents fatal accidents for the crew. For example, a worker might accidentally hit the main power line. This will result to injuries and even fatalities. Even if it’s just a water pipe, the pressure will propel the water and debris to workers. These unfortunate events can be easily prevented if there’s an underground utility map in the first place.

Reduced hazards and interruptions to the community

What happens when someone accidentally damaged a power line? Homes and businesses in the area will experience a major power interruption. The developer will then be held liable for that.

This could result to costly and time-consuming legal consequences. Complaints from the families and business owners will flood the developer’s office. These scenarios could also be easily prevented if an accurate underground map is in place before planning and digging.

Underground mapping before excavation Sydney

Here at One Search Locators, we perform complete mapping of subsurface utilities. We accurately locate water pipes, power lines, telephone cables and sewer pipes. We can also locate possible obstructions underground. Contact us today and our expert team will arrive on site within 24 hours.

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