Hydro Excavation Sydney: Why Many Companies Choose This

Hydro excavation is now the clear choice because it’s faster, more cost-effective and less destructive than other methods. It’s faster because it only requires minimal site preparation. It’s more cost-effective because there will be lower labour costs. Finally, it’s almost non-destructive because of minimal site preparation and only a small area is disrupted during hydro excavation.

As a result, conventional excavation methods are fading away. After all, these methods are inefficient. In addition, these could present risks both to the workers and surrounding structures. However, hydro vacuum excavation is different. Let’s explore the specific benefits:

1. Lower cost and less time for site restoration

This is the natural result of less disruption and minimal site preparation. During vacuum excavation, only a small area is disrupted. As a consequence, it will be faster (and cheaper) to restore the site to its original condition.

This is good news because the contractor will be saving on costs. In addition, the excavation activity only resulted to minimal interruptions to the businesses and community. There will be zero complaints and you will be finishing the project much earlier than expected.

2. Fewer risks in damaging underground utilities

Conventional and slow digging can still be risky no matter how careful the workers are. They might still accidentally hit water pipes and power lines which are usually covered in dirt.

Aside from an accurate utility mapping service, another way to minimise risks in some projects is by hydro vacuum excavation. This eliminates the need for slow digging. The soil, rocks and other material will still be removed from an underground area without worrying about utility lines.

3. More environment-friendly

This is also a result of minimal site disruptions. There will be less need for destroying and rebuilding a particular area. This means fewer disruptions to the existing ecology of the location.

For commercial, industrial and municipal applications, the focus is now about choosing eco-friendly options. Vacuum excavation is perfect for that because of its mechanism. The site will stay almost intact and there will be less exposure (e.g. underground wastes) to the workers and neighbourhood.

Hydro excavation Sydney

Many companies in Sydney have already contacted us here at One Search Locators for their vacuum excavation needs. Our methods and practices prioritise environment-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Call us today at 1300 530 420 and we’ll do fast removal of both wet and dry material from the site.

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