From Underground Scanning to PPE: Ensuring Safety During Construction

From Underground Scanning to PPE: Ensuring Safety During Construction

Other than the successful completion of a project, safety should also be paramount in all stages of construction. Both the government and private institutions encourage and even mandate observing safety measures. And for good reason.

An industry profile compiled by Safe Work Australia (SWA) enumerated the most common work-related injuries and cause of fatalities.


  • Chronic joint or muscle conditions (16%)
  • Sprains and strains (21%)
  • Cuts and open wounds (31%)

These injuries were mainly caused by:

  • Falls from a height (15%)
  • Lifting, pushing or pulling objects (30%)
  • Hitting or being hit by an object (31%)


Construction ranked as one of the top industries with recorded fatalities in recent years.

  • Falls from a height (28%)
  • Vehicle collisions (16%)
  • Electrocution (15%)
  • Hit by a moving object (12%)
  • Struck by a falling object (11%)
  • Trapped between or in equipment (8%)
  • Other causes (9%)

With these statistics, it is a must to observe safety measures during a construction project.

Safety Measures


From underground scanning to health & safety training

Assuring the safety of workers includes measures done before any work begins on-site. The entire area for development along with its surroundings should be thoroughly surveyed. This may involve conducting a topographic survey along with underground utility mapping. The former will show all features within the area and their exact locations above ground. The latter will locate subsurface objects through underground scanning. If construction work will require concrete digging or cutting, it is a must to first conduct a concrete slab scan. Sydney service locators use a concrete scanner or ground penetrating radar (GPR) to do this.

These will help workers know which areas are safe and which are not. To further aid in assuring safety & project success, it will also be good to avail 3D scanning services. Sydney building professionals who use a 3D model get a much better visualisation of the site.

Other than the prior evaluation of the site, workers must also have the proper health & safety training. They must know the risks involved in their work and the necessary actions to take.


From PPE to safety structures

In connection to health & safety training, everyone entering a construction site must have the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on. These include a hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs, safety harnesses and shoes, among others.

Proper handling and storage of materials and equipment are also critical. For manual handling, the maximum lifting capacity should be strictly observed to avoid injuries. The same goes for mechanical equipment like cranes and forklifts. Operators should not exceed the maximum weight lifting capacity. And if any materials or equipment are not in use, these should be properly stored as well. Sturdy safety structures such as scaffolds should be in place as well.

Final Words

Ensuring the safety of construction personnel requires taking measures before and during work on-site. For prior measures like underground scanning or a concrete slab scan, Sydney firms like One Search Locators provide these solutions along with 3D scanning services. Sydney construction projects have a lower possibility of  accidents and fatalities happening if conducting these along with observing the other safety measures.

To know more about our solutions that aid in ensuring the safety of workers, check out our services or contact us today.

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