Finding Underground Pipes: Stop Assuming & Get Data Instead

Finding underground pipes is required before beginning an excavation in an area. This is to avoid damaging them and for safety reasons as well. In addition, this helps in planning the schedule and work of the crew.

However, it’s all about accuracy and having updated information. Old historical records and outdated markings might actually endanger everyone’s safety. Assumptions about the location of utility lines will present huge risks.

Underground pipings are complex

Water, gas and sewer pipes form a complex network especially in modern urban areas such as Sydney. In addition, there are constant changes in the position and location of these pipes. The combined natural and man-made causes account for this.

When these pipes were installed, some people might have placed special markings as indications. However, the markings might have already faded away. Moreover, there might have been changes underground. As a result, those markings are not reliable. It’s actually dangerous to make assumptions about old data and markings.

Cables and power lines are also there

Underground pipes are not the only concerns. There are also cables and power lines underground. These are more fragile and can cause more interruption to the whole community.

When a worker accidentally hits an electrical line, it might result to a power interruption to thousands of residences and businesses nearby. It’s especially the case if it’s a main transmission line.

No matter how careful the workers, there’s still a chance of hitting an electrical cable. It’s an excavation and everything will almost look like dirt. The risks (especially safety) are far too high when everything’s based from assumptions.

To prevent this dangerous scenario, you need to acquire information with the assistance of professional locators. They will provide you with the most updated data your crew can use. They will also help you minimise the risks and even speed up your excavation or construction project.

Finding underground pipes Sydney

This is crucial during the planning of almost any construction or excavation activity in Sydney. If you have an accurate and up-to-date utility map, you will almost ensure the safety of your workers. You will also prevent possible delays because your crew can work around the utilities.

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