Why Find Utility Lines Before Digging? Here are 3 Reasons

Why find utility lines before digging? First, it has to do with safety. Second, it’s for faster progress of the project. Third, it’s for preventing interruptions to the community. Let’s discuss each one further.

1. Safety

Underground power lines and water pipes can be dangerous for the crew. Accidentally busting a water pipe can propel debris and water to workers and surrounding structures (aside from flooding the area). Accidentally hitting an electrical cable may result to electrocution, which in turn leads to injuries and even fatalities.

The subsurface infrastructure is a complex network of different utilities. In addition, these pipes and cables are likely to be covered with dirt. Many things underground look like dirt which is why even the most careful workers accidentally hit utility lines.

But with a complete and detailed subsurface map, workers will have knowledge beforehand about which areas to avoid (or to be extra careful). This prevents workplace accidents and promotes the safety of everyone.

2. Faster project progress

Careless digging can lead to massive delays that can blow up the company’s budget and schedule. For example, a worker accidentally hit a water pipe. Aside from the possible injuries, the busted pipe might flood the area. The whole team will then need to wait for the pipe to be fixed and the water to be removed. These could take several days or even weeks before anyone can continue on with the project.

In contrast, digging with a subsurface map at hand can prevent delays and speed up the project. This is only a small upfront investment for safety and project success. The subsurface utility inspection might only take one or few days depending on the complexity of the project.

3. Prevent interruptions to the community

Whether it’s a water pipe or a power line, families and business owners will file complaints if your crew accidentally damaged a pipe or electricity line. These could lead to legal ramifications which are costly and time consuming.

You can prevent all these by hiring professional utility locators for the job. They would provide you with a complete set of drawings and other relevant visual data. It’s an updated record that resulted from rigorous on-site inspection.

Find utility lines before digging Sydney

Here at One Search Locators, we find all utility lines underground using CCTV, electromagnetic detection and concrete scanning. We use the latest tools and technologies to deliver accurate and timely results for clients. Call us today at 1300 530 420 and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

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