How to Find Utilities Inside Concrete Walls

How to find utilities inside concrete walls? This is a crucial task before excavation, demolition and construction activities. This is to prevent hazards and costly problems. This also makes the site safer for all the workers and surrounding structures.

One effective and more affordable way to find the utilities inside concrete structures is by concrete scanning. It’s a non-destructive way of determining the positions of utility lines including reinforcement steel and other concealed objects. As a result, the construction or excavation team will save time and money when drilling, cutting or excavating.

Benefits of concrete X-ray scan

Aside from being a non-destructive method, scanning through concrete walls also help the crew save time. They don’t need to partially destroy the structure just to know if there are objects. They’ll already know what’s inside and once they accomplish that, they could just work around those utility lines and other structures.

This also takes away the guesswork when it comes to digging, drilling and cutting. Whether it’s a concrete floor, wall or just a slab, the crew will have an up to date record of the existing concealed features and objects.

We mentioned earlier the time and cost savings because of concrete scanning. This is possible because there’s no need for partially destroying a structure (and then rebuilding it later). This also makes the project progress much faster because engineers and developers can plan much more quickly and accurately.

Where to find concrete and structural scanning services?

Many engineers and developers only rely on experienced professionals to locate the utilities underground and inside concrete structures. One main reason is that utility mapping and concrete scanning require expertise and modern technologies.

For instance, accuracy is crucial in determining the position of utility lines (e.g. water, sewer, electricity and telecommunication lines). One small mistake and it can lead to damages, injuries and even fatalities. This also results to interruptions and inconveniences to the community.

Find utilities inside concrete walls Sydney

To prevent the previous scenario, it’s recommended to work with highly experienced professionals in the field. Engineers and developers also need a fast and timely solution to start the planning early.

That’s why here at One Search Locators, we prioritise accuracy and timeliness whenever we locate utilities and concealed objects for planning in construction or excavation. We offer fixed rates and we can arrive on site within 24 hours upon your request. Call us today at 1300 530 420.

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