Drain Inspection Camera: How to Locate Damages & Blockages

A drain inspection camera is now a valuable tool for service locators. It allows them to know the exact locations of sewer lines (including damages and blockages) without laborious digging.

During CCTV inspection underground, professionals can collect visual data about the current state of drain and sewer lines. The device will be flexible enough to go through junctions and bends. This would then help in identifying a potential problem.

Looking at the impossible-to-see areas

Back then, drain and sewer inspection is a real challenge for utility companies because the areas seem inaccessible. There were no methods to perform an inspection without getting someone’s hands dirty.

However, it all changed due to mobile camera technology. It’s now possible to collect visual data. Aside from detecting problems, CCTV inspection made it possible to perform maintenance on sewer and drain lines. This is a more proactive approach because you prevent problems (and thereby avoiding more expensive repairs later on).

Many residences and companies now in Sydney choose the proactive approach. This is especially the case when the rainy or winter season comes. All the drains and sewer lines should be working perfectly to avoid flooding and possible hazards. These systems should be able to handle the sudden water influx.

A quick way to determine problems

Digging can be laborious and time-consuming. Without a camera, figuring out the problem in sewer pipes might take days or even weeks. This might also result to unnecessarily damaging the surrounding structures and rebuilding them.

But with CCTV inspection, it’s now possible to figure out the problems (present or potential) with minimal intrusion or damage to structures. This results to fewer hassles and faster progress of the maintenance or repair activity. This also results to savings on costs.

Drain inspection camera Sydney

Our team at One Search Locators use a mobile camera technology to perform sewer and drain inspections. This allows us to do quick and accurate inspections. We even arrive on site within 24 hours to further speed up the process.

Contact us today and our certified Service Locators will handle the task.

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