How to Collect Visual Data by Subsurface Utility Imaging

How to collect visual data by subsurface utility imaging? The direct way is by underground CCTV inspection. It allows collection of visual data even in inaccessible areas such as wells and boreholes.

This underground mobile camera inspection method is valuable in:

  • Determining location of all types of pipes
  • Determining if there are damages on pipes
  • Evaluating the conditions of existing pipes for maintenance or upgrades

With this information, companies can confirm the exact locations and types of pipes underground. They could also determine the materials that will aid them in improvements of the subsurface infrastructure.

Accurate utility maps before digging

For construction firms, subsurface maps are also important for safety reasons. Their crew should avoid hitting any water pipes and power lines. Accidents can occur if underground maps are not available.

That’s why before any excavation activity, developers request an “underground survey.” The information from that survey will be used by engineers when planning. For the crew, the info will serve as a guide when digging.

Professional locators will produce an accurate and updated underground utility map. There will be clear visual indications of which particular areas to avoid. Engineers can then adjust the layout and sequence of excavation of activities. The crew will also successfully avoid any lines that might cause injuries.

Scanning inside concrete walls

Professional locators can also determine the concealed objects inside concrete walls and slabs. This information is valuable during demolitions and renovations. The demolition crew will know beforehand if there’s reinforcement steel inside concrete structures.

It’s a non-destructive method of determining the nature and location of concealed objects. This means there are fewer risks and faster progress during construction, demolition or excavation. The whole crew will be able to progress faster because of the reliable knowledge from subsurface mapping.

Subsurface utility imaging Sydney

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