Cable Detection Service: How It Prevents Costly Problems

Telecommunications cable detection might not be as critical as power line location. However, damaging cables can still lead to costly problems and project delays.

Most of the service lines now (including electrical power lines) are located beneath the ground. This is for aesthetic and safety reasons. As a result though, they are now harder to locate.

That’s why certified Service Locators use specialised tools for the job. They use electromagnetic equipment or ground penetrating radar technology. Their goal is to accurately locate the utility lines to ensure safety of your workers.

What happens when you hit a cable?

Cables might look like rubbish because they are covered with dirt. Unintentionally, the workers might tamper or completely damage the cables. This results to workflow disruption.

In addition, both homes and businesses near the cables will experience interruptions. They won’t be able to use the internet and phone lines for personal or commercial use. They might file complaints and these may result to legal problems.

Although there are minimal safety risks and hazards, the disruptions will cause serious delays to the project. This will further increase the costs due to legal fines and additional labour.

How to ensure smooth workflow?

You should have complete information about the location of all buried utilities. This way, you avoid costly damages to the service lines and delays to your project.

You also minimise the risks and hazards both to your workers and the general public. You and your team will be able to adhere to the timeline. These result to smooth workflow and safety assurance.

Cable detection service Melbourne

Before commencing any construction or excavation activity, you should first have an accurate utility map for your reference. It’s even recommended to have it before the planning stage. This way, you will not waste time in revising the plans.

If you need accurate cable detection and utility mapping services, call us at One Search Locators before you dig.

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