Using 3D Laser Mapping for Land Surveys

It’s important to know exactly how the land looks before beginning a construction project. Even a small miscalculation can result in problems throughout the course of a project. Land that is not surveyed properly can force those building on it to make adjustments and changes throughout the course of a construction project. This can lead […]

The Secret to Making Any Construction Project Safer

It’s no secret that construction projects can pose safety hazards. While companies maintain regulatory compliance and keep a staff of highly-trained technicians, there are other hazards that are often overlooked. When a project is planned out, most people are concerned about making sure that the focus is placed on constructing a building to certain specifications. […]

Why Use Utility Mapping?

Utility mapping (also referred to as ‘buried service detection’) utilises a form of non-destructive testing in order to pinpoint on overlay maps the existence of underground utility lines. Why Use Utility Mapping? Because of the sensitivity of current technology, in-depth surveys can be done without needing a lot of time to cover a great distance. […]

Why Invest in Concrete and Structural Scanning?

Structural and concrete scanning represent methods of remote sensing that can be used in order to ensure that a renovation project does not run into problems the minute it breaks the ground. Concrete scanning utilises a technique known as ground penetrating radar (GPR) in order to provide an accurate view of the area under the […]

Topographical Survey Tips for Landowners

A topographical survey is one that is done to represent the dimensions of a parcel as well as the three-dimensional details on the surface of the land. This includes the contours and any buildings that may be present upon the parcel. Topographical surveys can be done in a number of different ways but more and […]

3 Services Vital for the Success of Construction and Renovation Projects

When you start a new construction or renovation project in the Sydney area, all you think about is how to do everything faster and better, meeting milestones, completing the works on time and pleasing the beneficiary. But, if you neglect the importance of the underground services or you dig in the wrong place, the success […]