The Best Way to Locate Buried Utilities

Commercial construction projects need to accurately locate buried utilities as part of planning. The main objective is to minimise risks and hazards in terms of human safety and costly repairs.

For utility companies and other service providers, utility mapping is also important in performing repairs and replacements of existing pipes and connections.

However, the challenge is to have accurate information about all the utility lines. They are buried underground which makes it more difficult to examine.

How to locate buried utilities

Professionals often use a combination of modern technologies when it comes to utility mapping. Water pipes, gas pipes and sewer lines are often complex networks. The sizes and materials of the pipes used are also often in a wide variety.

There are also the electric, cable and phone line services. If the excavators accidentally hit these lines, many surrounding residential and commercial establishments might file a complaint. In addition, the service providers might even file a lawsuit.

As a result, the commercial construction project will encounter delays and more expenses. That’s why it’s essential to locate all buried utilities and have accurate information about those before commencing any excavation.

Underground CCTV inspection

Professionals also use an advanced mobile camera technology to inspect underground plumbing hardware for residential and commercial establishments.

CCTV inspection can reveal leaks and deformities in water pipes and sewage lines. These are hidden problems where simple inspection will not suffice.

It’s a fast way to early determine the damages and blockages in underground plumbing hardware. This results to savings on costs and minimising the hassles encountered by the concerned parties.

CCTV inspection using an advanced mobile camera technology can record the exact locations of all pipes and even the layout (including the junctions and bends). This is valuable information for anyone who needs to accurately assess the damage and perform the required repairs.

Locate underground utilities with the help of advanced technologies

That’s why at One Search Locators, we use specialised equipment and advanced CCTV technology to locate buried utilities accurately. The valuable information acquired helps both residential and commercial establishments (and upcoming projects) with their planning and repair needs.

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