3D Scanning Services: Why Sydney Utility Locators Recommend It

3D Scanning Services: Why Sydney Utility Locators Recommend It

Locating subsurface utilities prior to any excavation or drilling work is critical to safeguard workers & any structures present. To do this, service locators use different equipment & technologies including 3D scanning services. Sydney service locators highly recommend 3D scanning because of its many benefits. Read on to know what those are.

Provides Lacking Information

There are times when drawings or models of subsurface utilities are not available. A 3D underground utility survey can provide a time-saving & cost-efficient solution to this. With a single visit to a site, 3D scanning can create a detailed model of the utilities & the surrounding area. This model can then be used for assessment purposes, among others.

Ensures Accurate Monitoring

With the level of detail provided by 3D scanning services, Sydney professionals can monitor the condition of subsurface utilities better. When locators conduct multiple scans over time, this allows for a better assessment of any wear or damage present. Moreover, it shows the rate at which the wear or damage is happening.

Allows Better Troubleshooting

Consequently, concerned personnel can conduct better troubleshooting. Since they can accurately monitor the condition of utilities through the information provided by 3D underground scanning, they can come up with timely solutions. Furthermore, this also allows them to take preventive measures for bigger problems that may occur.

Improves Worker Safety

Using the latest 3D scanning equipment lessens the need for service locators to enter confined underground spaces. Hence, the technology greatly minimizes the risk to the safety of workers.

Reduces Costs

Given that 3D underground scanning creates a detail-rich presentation of subsurface utilities, locators do not need to conduct multiple visits to the site. Thus, reducing costs for both the locators and the client.

One Search Locators’ 3D Scanning Projects

Here at One Search Locators, we provide 3D scanning services using the latest technology & equipment. One of the projects we have done covers the North Bondi Asset Renewal. For this project, the Waverly Council engaged us to create a detailed design of the  Council’s assets upgrade of the following:

  • North Bondi Stormwater Culvert
  • Access Ramp
  • Heritage Sea Wall; and
  • Children’s Rock Pool infrastructure

A complete utilities plan was produced for the Council.

We also used 3D scanning for the Sydney Roosters Administration Building, CBRE project. For this project, we needed to pinpoint the exact location of the large stormwater culvert earlier identified during the construction planning.

We obtained approval to access the culvert & conducted a  3D point cloud survey of both the culvert and the area above. The output was used to create the plans required to get Sydney Water’s approval to proceed with the construction project.


Evidently, there are a lot of benefits when using 3D scanning services. Sydney service locators like us greatly recommend it for an underground utility survey. On that, we also provide other solutions to cater to any service locating needs. We operate in Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle, Brisbane & Gold Coast. To get a quote, just call 1300 530 420 or send an email to [email protected].

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