3 Services Vital for the Success of Construction and Renovation Projects

When you start a new construction or renovation project in the Sydney area, all you think about is how to do everything faster and better, meeting milestones, completing the works on time and pleasing the beneficiary. But, if you neglect the importance of the underground services or you dig in the wrong place, the success of your project will be compromised, the costs will skyrocket and the beneficiaries will be anything but pleased.

How do you avoid unfortunate accidents and expedite the works? Depending on whether you are building from scratch or just renovating, there are services that can eliminate risks, ease your work and secure your workplace.

Helpful Surface and Underground Services for Construction and Renovation Projects

3 Services Every New Construction Project Should Benefit From

No matter what you are building, before completing the design, or at least before you start excavating for the foundation, you should consider hiring these 3 services:

  1. Utility Mapping – They are basically utility location services. Their purpose is to identify any underground utilities, pipes or cables in the area and draw an accurate map, so that you may know exactly what precaution measures need to be taken, if any. Most companies use a ground penetrating radar for this purpose. Utility locating costs are not high, but the damage you risk causing by not paying it is substantial. It is better to call a utility locator before you begin work than to start excavating and damage utility lines or have your employees injured.
  2. Service Avoidance – If the underground utility locating services report the presence of cables and pipes in the area where you need to excavate, you will need to work with a team specialised in non-destructive digging. They often use a pipe locator, a cable locator and leak detection equipment to check the position of the utilities every step of the way, and they use special tools and techniques meant to ensure both their safety and the utilities’ integrity.
  3. Vacuum Excavation – Do you need to excavate in special circumstances, due to the presence of utilities, local regulations, narrow space or some other conditions? You should not risk causing damage or injuring your employees during activities they are not accustomed to. The safest option is to hire specialists. Among the methods they use, vacuum excavation, hydro excavation, hydro vacuum excavation and manual digging seem to be the most popular and effective.

3 Services That Can Ease and Secure Any Renovation Project

  1. Topographic Survey and Laser Scanning Services – Before you begin renovation work, you need to know the space dimensions and layout. It will help you plan the works and estimate the materials better, as well as avoid mistakes. Most companies now use 3D laser mapping equipment that helps them eliminate errors and provide accurate maps that are easy to interpret and work with.
  2. Structural and Concrete Scanning Services – Before you start tearing down any walls or structures, you need to know how well-reinforced they are or whether they shelter any utilities. Specialists use concrete X-ray scanning equipment that provides accurate information and measurements, helping you avoid broken pipes and electrical system issues, so frequent in the absence of a concrete scan.
  3. CCTV Inspection Services – Unless you want to discover that the water system or the electric wiring need replacement when your renovation project is complete, you should have the pipes and cables inspected before commencing the works. This way, you will know exactly what works are necessary and in what order they should be performed.

At One Search Locators, we have been providing surface and underground services for numerous construction and renovation projects in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. Our teams include certified service locators and registered surveyors, use high-end equipment and can be on site within 24 hours. Contact us now and let us secure your workplace and the success of your project!

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